Information for Applicants


Who is eligible for the Prize

The Prize is intended for young researchers in the fields of corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, and lexicography, as per Adam Kilgarriff’s profile on Google Scholar. Applicants must be under 40 years of age in the year that the application is submitted.


What the Prize is awarded for

The Prize is to be awarded for outstanding achievements in any of these fields and taking the form of:

  • publications
  • linguistic data or software
  • industrial product or service
  • or any combination of the above

Preference will be given to work which has clear applications for lexicography. The excellence of a Prize application is to be evaluated mainly in terms of:

  • originality and novelty
  • impact
  • usability
  • replicability
  • business potential
  • good and open science


When is the Prize awarded

The Prize is a biennial award, associated with the eLex conference series. The first Prize was awarded in conjunction with eLex 2017, and the second iteration of the Prize will be awarded at the eLex conference of 2019. Submission deadlines for future editions of the Prize will be determined by the Trustees and announced on this website and on other channels.


How a candidate should apply for the Prize

Applications should be made using the on-line submission form.

Applicants must submit their applications personally (not through a third party), and should provide:

  1. a description, in not more than 2000 words, of the research and/or product, with an indication of its relevance and/or applications in the real world
  2. the applicant’s CV
  3. one supporting/nominating letter from a third party

If applicants have any queries, these should be addressed to the Trustees as a group, using the email address, not to an individual member of the Board of Trustees.


On what basis the Prize is awarded

The winner will be selected through discussion among the Trustees. The Trustees reserve the option to co-opt experts to evaluate any submissions where they do not feel they have enough expertise.


The winner will receive monetary reward in the amount of 2500 EURO.
The winner of the Prize will be recommended to the programme committee of the eLex conference with which the Prize is associated as a potential Invited Speaker. Subject to their agreement, the winner may be given one of the keynote slots, to give the Adam Kilgarriff Lecture. In this case, some of the winner’s costs will be covered by the Prize fund. (This is the normal expectation but is not automatic. In any event, the winner will automatically be given a lecture or demo session at the eLex conference.)


  1. Perpetual Sketch Engine access
  2. Open to suggestions from sponsors