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2020 winner: Pilar León  Araúz

Pilar LeonOn behalf of the Trustees of the Adam Kilgarriff Prize, I am delighted to announce that the Prize for 2020 has been awarded to Pilar León
Araúz of the University of Granada, for her lead role in developing the EcoLexicon and associated data and software.

EcoLexicon is a sophisticated, multilingual terminological resource in thhe domain of environmental science. In addition to the front end, the suite of materials includes a specialized corpus and a set of semantic Sketch Grammars specially developed to extract semantically-related pairs of terms.

The high quality of applications for the Prize has been maintained once again, and this year we received a record number of 16 applications. As in previous years, the judging process was long and challenging, but in the end there was unanimous agreement that Prof. León-Araúz’s project should be awarded the Prize. We were impressed by all the applications, and we would like to thank the other applicants very warmly, not least for giving us the opportunity to learn more about the interesting work they are doing.

Michael Rundell
On behalf of the Trustees